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Rhoda Bulter

Rhoda Bulter Rhoda Bulter

1929 - 1994

Lived mostly in Lerwick but spent some of her early life in Lunnasting, which she loved. A prolific and well-loved poet, she championed the dialect and the best elements of the traditional way of life. Wrote for Shetland Life and the New Shetlander, often broadcast on Radio Shetland. In Shetland Life, her Laeves fae Beenie’s Diary was a popular series. Published: Shaela (1976), A Nev foo o Coarn (1977), Doobled-up (1978), Link-stanes (1980) and Snyivveries (1986). There are three CDs of Rhoda reading her poems: Bide a start wi me, Shetlandic and Caald Clods an Tinder.

Hairst is Coosed, a collection of Rhoda's work, was published in 2014 by the Shetland Times. The first Rhoda Bulter Award, presented and judged by the Bulter family, was awarded in the same year.

Rhoda Bulter Award winners 2014, 2015, 2016.

Some of Rhoda's poems have been set to music. The collection Hairst is Coosed contains the music scores for fifteen of them.

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