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Robert Alan Jamieson

Robert Alan Jamieson Robert Alan Jamieson

b.1958, grew up in Sandness, then studied literature at the University of Edinburgh, after which he was William Soutar Fellow in Perth and Writer in Residence at the universities of Glasgow and Strathclyde. Since 1993, he pioneered the tuition of Creative Writing at the University of Edinburgh, where he became a Senior Lecturer. His work includes the novels  Soor Hearts (1984), Thin Wealth (1986) - both set in Shetland - and A Day at the Office (1991), and two full collections of poetry, Shoormal (1986) and Nort Atlantik Drift (2007).  He has also written for the stage and has edited a number of anthologies.

Robert Alan Jamieson's  novel Da Happie Laand was published in 2010 by Luath Press, and shortlisted for a Saltire Award.

The film Nort Atlantik Drift: A portrait of Robert Alan Jamieson, produced and directed by Susan Kemp of the University of Edinburgh, was premiered on 22 February 2014 as the centrepiece of the Glasgow Film Festival Shetland Day.

His fifth novel was published by Luath Press in summer 2017. Entitled MacCLOUD FALLS, it is set in Canada.

In 2020 his poetry collection Plague Clothes was published by Taproot Press.

Robert Alan Jamieson has teamed up with publisher Michael Walmer to produce a series of Shetland literature reprints: Northus Shetland Classics. The first reprint of the series,  JJ Haldane Burgess's 1898 novel Tang, appeared in February 2021, and the second, Basil Anderson's Broken Lights, in summer 2021. Robert Alan wrote a new introduction for Broken Lights.

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