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Book signing Book signing Over the past fifty years, Shetland dialect short stories have often featured, and continue to feature, in the New Shetlander magazine, and also appear in Shetland Life magazine and various collections of writing. There are two approaches to story-writing: write entirely in dialect, or write the narrative in English and direct speech in dialect.

To date, no novel has ever been written completely in dialect, though several have dialect dialogue. John Graham, in his two novels Shadowed Valley (1987) and especially Strife in the Valley (1992), achieved a blend of English and dialect in the narrative, following a practice begun by other writers, notably Peter Jamieson, at an earlier time.

While a great amount of dialect poetry has been written over the years, dialect prose writing has not been so plentiful.


Latest Prose Additions

  • And Darkness Fell
  • Gibbie's Hame-comin
  • The factor's visit, from 'Shadowed Valley'


In This Section

  • And Darkness Fell
  • Biggin da Dess
  • Da Peesterleeties an da Curse o da Njuggle
  • Da Whillie
  • Dodie's Phenomenal Pheesic
  • Gibbie's Hame-comin
  • Kirsten
  • Nannie Georgedaughter
  • Strife In The Valley
  • Tang
  • The factor's visit, from 'Shadowed Valley'
  • The Night that Mouat was lost
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