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John Graham's Dictionary

Below is John J. Graham's Shetland Dictionary (2009), with sound files attached. In his Introduction are sections on the history of the Shetland dialect, its grammar, pronunciation and spelling.

  • John J Graham’s Online Shetland Dictionary
  • Shetland Idioms
    A collection of Shetland idioms compiled by John J Graham. Some of these expressions appear in his Dictionary but many do not.
  • John J. Graham The Shetland Dictionary, (1979, third edition revised 2009), The Shetland Times Ltd., £9.99

Other Online Dictionaries

Other Dictionaries

  • Shetland Words: a dictionary of the Shetland dialect, (2010, revised 2014)  Alastair and Adaline Christie-Johnston, with Neil Anderson as contributing editor, The Shetland Times Ltd, £20 (hardback) and £16 (paperback)
  • Concise Scots Dictionary, (1985, now being revised), editor-in-chief Mairi Robinson, £30.00 (hardback), £14.99 (paperback)
  • Etymological Dictionary of the Norn language in Shetland, Jakob Jakobsen, (1928, re-published by Shetland Folk Society, 1985) Available in Shetland Archives and Shetland Library
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