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Jim Mainland

Jim Mainland, b. 1952, belongs to Lerwick, and now lives in the north mainland of Shetland. He recently retired from teaching English at Brae High School. His poems and prose can be found in the New Shetlander, in other magazines and anthologies locally and nationally, and online. While most of his work is in English, Jim has translated a wide variety of poetry into vivid Shetland dialect.

His first poetry collection was A Package of Measures (2002) and his second The League of Notions (September 2013) published by Hansel Cooperative Press. His newest collection is Fuglicaavie, published by The print floor (October 2018). 

Together with Mark Ryan Smith, Jim edited Almarks: An Anthology of Radical Poetry from Shetland in 2020. It is one of a national series published by Culture Matters Co-operative Ltd.

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