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The Year of Shetland Dialect - 2014 Events Calendar

WirdCraft - exhibition at Bonhoga

Date: November 1st - December 24th
Venue: Bonhoga Gallery

An exhibition of craft work inspired by Shetland dialect. Opens on 1 November.

WirdCraft - Craft Wirds at Bonhoga

Date & Time: November 13th | 18.30 - 19.30
Venue: Bonhoga Gallery

A short programme of poetry, music and talks by craft makers, at the Bonhoga Gallery, to celebrate the WirdCraft exhibition of craft work inspired by Shetland dialect. A 'WordPlay' event. Admission free.

Julie Dennison at 'Wordplay'

Date & Time: November 15th | 10.30
Venue: Mareel Auditorium

Young local writer and artist Julie Dennison will give an illustrated reading of her book 'Da Elves an da Shoemakker' at 'Wordplay'.

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We are grateful to Jonathan Church, Associate Professor of Anthropology, and colleagues of Arcadia University for their help developing the idea of the website in the early stages.

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