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About Us

Shetland ForWirds was formed in 2004 at the end of a conference about the Shetland dialect. That convention was keen to see our unique way of speech, with its Nordic and Scottish roots, survive and thrive.

Shetland ForWirds aims to foster and promote the use of written and spoken Shetland dialect as a valued and essential element of Shetland’s distinctive heritage and culture.

 To achieve this we will encourage and assist where practical:

  • the recording, publishing and broadcasting of the Shetland dialect;
  • the development of Shetland dialect as a valid element of education at all levels;
  • the acceptance of Shetland dialect among the whole Shetland community. 

Office bearers
Davy Cooper, Convener
Irene Smith, Vice-convener
Margaret Sinclair, Secretary
Mona Walterson, Treasurer
Mary Blance, Communications Officer

Eileen Brooke-Freeman
Bruce Eunson
Derick Herning
Laureen Johnson
Morag Nicolson
Christian Tait
Marina Tait

General meetings are open to everyone who has an interest in Shetland dialect.  Meeting dates are posted on this website and advertised on BBC Radio Shetland.

Craigsaet Craigsaet Groups
A number of sub-groups work on particular areas:

  • Education
  • Website
  • Performance
  • Wirds
  • Merchandising


  • Ivver Entrancin Wis
  • Craigsaet  - CD and jigsaw for peerie bairns
  • Tell Wiz! - the DVD of the 2015 revival of the famous 1958 musical


  • Shetland Museum and Archives wird ring
  • Sumburgh Airport refurbishment
  • Magnetic Letters
  • SIC Schools Service (Creative Links) : material for schools
  • SIC Economic Development Unit:  Bright Pebbles anthology 
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