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Shetland Day at Glasgow Film Festival

At the heart of Glasgow Fim Festival’s Shetland Day (22 February) was a new film, Nort Atlantik Drift: A Portrait of Robert Alan Jamieson, produced and directed by Susan Kemp of the University of Edinburgh, and filmed in Shetland. This was followed by a question and answer session with Robert Alan, conducted by Mary Blance, and in the evening by a discussion on the use of dialect in film and literature, with a panel consisting of Robert Alan, Christine De Luca, Mark Ryan Smith and Malachy Tallack. Later still came a fjaana where Christine and Mark Ryan were joined by poet Christie Williamson and musical group Teevliks.

The Shetland Day, which was organised by Susan Kemp’s students, also featured a showing of the Michael Powell classic The Edge of the World, and a programme of short films made in Shetland, including The A-Z of Shetland, starring Bryan Peterson, and Clavel, by Shona Main.

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