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Told by Jeemsie Laurenson. The story of the tune 'Windyadepla'.

Winyadepla Winyadepla Storyteller – Jeemsie Laurenson, Aith, Fetlar

Origin – Family

Storyteller James John Laurenson was born on the isle of Fetlar in 1899. “Jeemsie”, second oldest of nine children, was brought up on a croft at Aith on the isle and spent most of his life there. Jeemsie was well known for his tales and his great sense of humour, whether he was paying a social call or working at the day to day tasks of crofting. He often told stories of the trows in Fetlar. It was his great grandfather, Gibbie Laurenson who actually encountered the trows in the mill of Firva, heard the trow fiddler play the tune we know as Winyadepla and thus this story was born.

Shetland ForWirds acknowledges the kind permission of the family of Jeemsie Laurenson for allowing the use of this recording.


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