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Joen Tait and da Bear

Told by Lawrence Tulloch. A story from the time when Shetland was part of Scandinavia.

Storyteller - Lawrence Tulloch, North Yell

Lawrence Tulloch, son of the late Tom Tulloch, is well-known as a storyteller both in Shetland and far beyond. He has appeared at international events throughout Scotland and Ireland, and also in Scandinavia and the US. He has made recordings, taken part in many radio broadcasts, and written for magazines and newspapers. His book The Foy and other folk tales was published by The Shetland Times in 2006.

Lawrence describes the story of Joen Tait as a 'truly Shetland story'. This recording  is taken, with Lawrence's kind permission, from his tape-recorded collection For Sic a Hearin, made by Veesik Records.

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