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Shetland has a proud musical heritage, particularly in fiddle music but also in song, although the song tradition is less well known.

Shetland is proud of its musical heritage.  People such as Tom Anderson, Aly Bain, Catriona Macdonald and Christopher Stout have ensured that the distinctive sound of Shetland fiddle music is known round the world.

Shetland's song tradition is less well known.

We still have songs from the past and one of them, The Unst Boat Song, includes fragments of the old Norn language. 

The humorous song has long been a staple at local concerts. 

Today a number of contemporary song-writers use the dialect.

Shetland songs can be found on CDs recorded by bands like Friðarey, Hom Bru and Shoormal and by singers like Eddie Barclay and Alex Couper.  These CDs are best sellers at home and away.

Shetland ForWirds has promoted two CDs which feature dialect songs:  "Ivver Entrancin Wis"  is a suite of Shetland poems in music composed by Lise Sinclair from Fair Isle;   for "Craigsaet - Rhymes, sangs an stories for peerie bairns" we found new songs.   

In This Section

  • Bohus
  • Da Wiggly Wirm Sang
  • Guest's E'e
  • Mair aboot Tirval
  • Saa You My Maggie
  • Simmer Dim
  • Tied up at Heys
  • Unst Boat Song
  • Waitin for da Crane
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