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Raisin da wind By George P.S. Peterson

Told by George P.S. Peterson. A Papa Stour witch destroys a Spanish Armada ship by summoning the wind.

Follow the link below to hear a recording from the Tobar an Dualchais/Kist o Riches project from the School of Scottish Studies.

Storyteller:  Papa Stour man George P.S. Peterson

In conversation with Tom Anderson in 1960, George Peterson tells a centuries-old story that he heard from an old woman on Papa Stour when he was a boy.

A Spanish Armada ship came to shelter in the mouth of Housa Voe on Papa Stour. An English boy escaped ashore and told the people that the Spaniards were going to take the island the next day. In panic, the people sought help from a local witch...

The Tobar an Dualchais/ Kist o Riches website contains over a thousand recordings from Shetland, recorded from the 1950s  onwards.

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