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Merran Windwick

Told by Brucie Henderson. A woman gains special knowledge at a cost.

Follow the link below to hear a recording from the Tobar an Dualchais/Kist o Riches project from the School of Scottish Studies.

Storyteller:   Brucie Henderson, Arisdale, Yell

Brucie Henderson (1891 - 1977) of Arisdale, Yell, was a very well-known storyteller. Here, in conversation with Calum Iain Maclean in 1954, he relates a 132-year-old tale of the supernatural that he heard from his father.

Merran Windwick lived in Norwick in Unst. She was a widow with one daughter and was a kind of doctor who could cure every ailment of man and beast. She moved to North Yell, and one night she was summoned by a stranger to attend his pregnant wife....

The Tobar an Dualchais/ Kist o Riches website contains over a thousand recordings from Shetland, recorded from the 1950s  onwards.

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