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Simmer Dim

Simmer Dim - from CD No Afore Time; sung by Davie Henry with folk group Hom Bru.

No Afore Time No Afore Time R.W. Isbister from Foula wrote this song Simmer Dim in which an old man thinks long for his young days at sea.  It's sung here by Davie Henry who spent his childhood on Foula and knew Bobby Isbister.  Davie learned the song from his mother.  Local folk band Hom Bru include a variety of Shetland songs in their repertoire and this song is recorded on CD No Afore Time,  HB 105CD.


O simmer dim, O simmer dim!
I canna sleep avaa.
Du sheens in trow my window bright
An pits da sleep awaa.
I tink on days noo lang geen by
When I wis young an strong
A coilin o da auld buss ropp
An da simmer dim shon on.
Du shon doon trow da peerie hatch
On my poor bare young head
An waater fae my elbicks ran
Tears fae da winch owerhead.

O simmer dim, O simmer dim!
It sheens apo wir shores
Nae boats laek dem dat wis, du sees,
For dey ir dere no more.
Da auld ship, sho is noo nae mair
Da crew dey aa ir gone
Except mesel at's still left here,
Bit da simmer dim sheens on.
O simmer dim, O simmer dim!
Dy licht dey canna see,
Juist laek da auld boats in der noosts,
Forever dey will be.

Sometimes apo wir auld banks ayre
Whin da simmer dim sheens on,
I tink I hear der voices low
Mingle wi da saat sea strong.

O simmer dim, O simmer dim!
I tank dee noo my man.
Du keeps an auld man fae his sleep
Bit ever will sheen on ...
Du keeps an auld man fae his sleep
Bit ever will sheen on.

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