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Guest's E'e By Stella Sutherland

Guest's E'e - a poem imaginatively scored by Lise Sinclair and performed by Lise with instrumental accompaniment.

Ivver Entrancin Wis CD artwork Ivver Entrancin Wis CD artwork

Lise Sinclair's suite of Shetland poems in music, Ivver Entrancin Wis, was originally performed at a New Shetlander Yule concert.  It was broadcast on BBC Radio Shetland and later recorded.  12 Shetland poems by a variety of writers are heard in compositions for cello, harp, viola and voice.  The Guest's E'e is Stella Sutherland's poem.  This CD was made with the backing of Shetland ForWirds, the Scottish Arts Council and HIE Shetland.



Lightly shö cam but fae ben,
cheery an kind.
Fu could da fremd ken
what was in her mind?

"Gleg is da guest's e'e"
gengs da aald say:
what wir dey for ta see,
yon bonnie day?

Trig wis da hoose, braa,
naethin oot o place.
What wis't da fremd saw
ida lass' face?

Ae wae look, fey look,
geen söne as seen,
as peeriewise her hert brook,
for what might a been!

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