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Rhoda Bulter Award 2017

This year's Rhoda Bulter Award will be given to a craft maker for an art wall-hanging inspired by a poem, using materials and techniques such as collage, tapestry, weaving, wool, felting, printing, knitting or whatever feels appropriate.

As a basis for the art-work, competitors should choose one of the following three poems by Rhoda: Fragrance, Gjaan for da Airrents or Ebb Draemin.

Maximum size of wall-hanging: 750 mm x 750 mm  (30" x 30")

Closing date: 31st August 2017.

It is hoped that a selection of the entries can be exhibited at the Shetland Museum and Archives.

Entry forms and more information from or ring Mary Blance 01595 694104.

The award, now in its fourth year, is presented in memory of Rhoda Bulter, one of Shetland’s most important dialect writers. The competition is administered by Shetland ForWirds, on behalf of the Bulter family, Dennis and Rhoda Bulter's sons and daughters, who present the award and judge the entries.

Speaking on behalf of his brothers and sisters, John Bulter said 'Da competition is intended ta inspire an excite fok aboot Shetlan an da Shetlan dialect. A piece o art, suitable fir hingin on a waa, gies immense scope for fok ta explore dir senses an provides great opportunities for creativity ta blossom.' He explained the choice of these three poems: 'We felt dat da poems provided a very wide range o possible inspiration on different levels, an wi different senses. Dir’s enormous scope fur interpretation an translation intae a unique piece o art.'

Shetland ForWirds convenor David Cooper says, 'It’s raelly wirtwhile fir wis ta be involved wi celebratin someen at wis, an continues ta be, a vital pairt o wir language an cultural heritage.'

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