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Ann Marie Anderson wins 2019 Rhoda Bulter Award

'...we were unanimous in our choice'

Ann Marie Anderson, craftswoman, writer and creator of ‘Da Ooricks’, is the winner of this year’s Rhoda Butler Award.

The Award topic this year was to create a Christmas card with a dialect verse, accompanied by a short narrative explaining the inspiration behind the entry. John Bulter, speaking for the Bulter family, says: ‘We were delighted with the submissions. There was good use of dialect in the verses, beautifully presented cards - each very different - and detailed explanation of the varied inspiration which resulted in the cards. … entries were anonymous to us until we had chosen the winner, and … though we also had a hard task, we were unanimous in our choice. The creativity displayed by all is a credit to every entrant.’

Ann Marie was thrilled to win. ‘Rhoda is been such an inspiration ta me doon da years, an so it’s very special tae win, keenin it’s Rhoda’s faimly at’s pickit my wark.’

Her name will be added to the list of previous winners on the Rhoda Bulter Award designed by Rosalyn Thompson.

Shetland ForWirds administers the competition. Co-convener Mary Blance hopes some of the entries might go on to be developed and sent at Christmas this year.

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