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Shetland ForWirds on Facebook and Instagram

Wir new social media pages

Shetland ForWirds is aaful plaised ta tell you at we ir noo on Facebook an Instagram!  Here's da links for you.

Mony tanks tae wir Social Media Group, led by Karlin Anderson.

Karlin  cam hame ta bide in Shetland no lang ago.  She's sad ta see a decline in da use o da dialect. 'It's always been such a positive thing for me personally. But I tink it's a positive thing for da islands as a whole. Wir dialect is pairt o wha we are. It will change ower da years as it has in years past. But if we loss it, I feel we also loss a winderful pairt o wir ain identity and what's made wis wha we are da day.

'Da social media team is excited aboot da opportunities on Facebook and Instagram ta continue da good wark Shetland ForWirds is already done in promotin an encouragin da use o da dialect. We firmly believe at it's no just for da Shetland-boarn, but for aabody at caas Shetland home. Noo we can include audio and video, on a platform sae mony folk use every day, dat'll help wis tae allow non-native speakers tae engage wi dialect too.

'Search for "Shetland ForWirds" on Facebook or Instagram ta join wis in continuin to bigg up pride an positivity aroond wir dialect. If we want it as pairt o wir future we hae ta "use it or lose it" - sam as every idder local thing we love.'

Shetland ForWirds conveners, Laureen Johnson an Mary Blance, is delighted ta hae new folk on board wi a passion for da dialect an da skills ta set up an maintain a place for SFW on social media. 'It’s a real step forward for ForWirds!'


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