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Mystery at da Laird's Haa

New adventure story for bairns

A new novel for bairns has just been published - Mystery at da Laird's Haa, by Bjorn Sandison.  Published by Hansel Cooperative Press, the book is suitable for bairns of upper primary age.  It's an exciting tale, involving 3 bairns, 3 bikes, a rowing boat, a lonely old empty mansion house, two sinister ruffians, a family legend and a mysterious lost treasure.  All set in rural Shetland, and told in Shetland dialect with a Waas flavour. The story has great atmosphere and builds up tension well, reaching its climax in a breath-taking night-time chase.

Bjorn Sandison is now an aeroplane pilot, and lives on the Scottish mainland. As a bairn in Waas, he enjoyed being outdoors, especially in his boat. He also enjoyed writing stories!

Hansel Cooperative Press is giving a copy of Mystery at da Laird's Haa to every bairn in Shetland primary classes 4- 7, plus a class set to each primary school - just as they did with Dodie's Phenomenal Pheesic  in 2008.  A group of readers, led by Christine De Luca, is visiting primary schools througout September delivering the books and doing readings. The book will be offically launched in Waas on Wednesday 16th September.

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