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Rhoda Bulter Award winner 2017

Julia Smith from Yell is 2017 winner

Julia Smith from Yell has won the 2017 Rhoda Bulter Award. 

This year craft makers were invited to create a wall-hanging based on one of Rhoda Bulter's poems: Fragrance, Ebb Draemin or Gjaan for da Airrents. People also had to write between 100 and 200 words explaining how their chosen poem had inspired them.  Judges took both the art-work and the written submission into consideration.

The entries were judged by the sons and daughters of Rhoda and Dennis Bulter. The family holds the annual competition in memory of their Maam, one of Shetland’s most important 20th century dialect writers and broadcasters.  It’s intended to celebrate the dialect Rhoda loved so much, and is administered by Shetland ForWirds.

Julia Smith's winning piece was inspired by the poem Ebb Draemin. Three other craft makers were highly commended. The judges were very impressed by the standard of all the craftwork.  John Bulter, speaking for the family, said each piece was 'distinctive, taking a great deal of work and thought. Indeed this year we have decided that every entrant will receive a copy of Maam's book  Hairst is Coosed. All entrants deserve our thanks and appreciation for their creativity and effort.'

The wall-hangings will be on display until 11 November upstairs in the Shetland Museum and Archives, near the Hay's Dock restaurant.

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