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'Mirds o Wirds' on sale

Illustrated word book now on sale.

'Mirds o wirds' is a collection of Shetland words with English meanings, organised into categories: Birds, Flowers, Food & Drink, Place-names, Sea & Boats, Fiddles & Music, Weather, Sheep &Knitting, Up Helly Aa, and some Favourite Words. The book has been produced by a group of Shetland ForWirds members, led by Doreen Waugh.

'Mirds' is pocketsize, full of photographs, and designed to entertain as well as inform.  It's for visitors, new residents, language-minded folk - but also for dialect-speakers, for fun.  They may find it sparks off discussions about words.

Mirds o Wirds was launched on Monday June 9, and went on sale the next day. It is already reported as selling well.

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