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Folk Festival dialect concert

Shetland Folk Festival organised a dialect concert for Saturday evening, 3 May.  It was very well-attended and an appreciative audience welcomed a top-notch line-up, featuring Brian Nicholson, Arthur Nicholson, Davy Cooper, the Northmavine Fiddle and Accordion Club, Evergreen, Elsbeth Clark, and Hom Bru.  Great music and great good humour marked the night.  There were several highlights; one of them undoubtedly being Rowin Foula Doon, when Hom Bru invited the Evergreen lasses onstage to sing with them.  Another was Elsbeth's hilarious charity shop song, with full audience participation.  Mary Blance and Laureen Johnson of Shetland ForWirds acted as comperes, and enjoyed the whole programme as much as the audience did.  Northmavine Fiddle and Accordion Club played for the dance which followed.

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