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Second Level (P5-7)

Tinder Box 2013

The Tinder Box was developed as part of the Dialect Development for Young People Project funded by LEADER, Shetland Islands Council, Shetland Amenity Trust, Shetland ForWirds and Shetland Arts.

Tinder Box Resources (Downloadable)
How can the Tinder Box be used?
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Mystery at da Laird's Haa, an adventure story in Shetland dialect by Bjorn Sandison, published by Hansel Cooperative Press in 2015.  A recording of this story is available on the publisher's website.

Dodie's Phenomenal Pheesic, (2008) a Shetland translation by Christine De Luca of Roald Dahl's George's Marvellous Medicine. Illustrations by Quentin Blake. Published by Inta Shetland, in association with Hansel Cooperative Press.  
The author's recording of this book has been given to schools on CD in the Tinder Box pack. Close reading notes for the book can be downloaded here: Dodie's Phenomenal Pheesic - Close Reading

Da Peesterleeties an da Curse o da Njuggle
, by Valerie Watt, The Shetland Times Ltd. 
Peerie Boat, by John Cumming, Shetland Arts Trust

Shetland Dialect Project 1996

List of 1996 materials issued to primary schools, with names of readers on the recordings.
(Tapes were issued to all schools)

Upper Primary Resources (list only)

File Item Theme Author Reader
1 Essie-Pattle an da Blue Yowe Folklore Traditional Laurence Graham
2 Da Fiddler an da Trows Folklore A.T. Cluness Laurence Graham
3 Fae da Grund Folklore Vagaland Greta Jacobson
4 Robbie's Rant Folklore Jack Renwick Laurence Graham
5 Da Selkie's Wife Folklore Vagaland Greta Jacobson
6 Shetlan Gairden Shetland Vagaland Greta Jacobson
7 Reestit Mutton at da Althing Shetland Vagaland Greta Jacobson
8 Isles Asleep Shetland Emily Milne George P.S. Peterson
9 Bide a Start wi Me Shetland Rhoda Bulter Rhoda Bulter
10 Da Exile Shetland Rhoda Bulter Rhoda Bulter
11 Leera Skerry Soond Nature George P.S. Peterson George P.S. Peterson
12 Da Boags' Spree Nature Rhoda Bulter Rhoda Bulter
13 Peerie Folk Nature Vagaland Greta Jacobson
14 Da Kyunnen Nature Rhoda Bulter Annette Gear
15 Da Oater idda Trap Nature Rhoda Bulter Sylvia Jamieson
16 Da Peerie Brightsome Breeze Weather Emily Milne George P.S. Peterson
17 Da Hairst Ree Weather Rhoda Bulter Annette Gear
18 Rainy Day Weather J.B. Eunson Sylvia Jamieson
19 Tunder Weather J.J. Haldane Burgess Greta Jaconson
20 Aald Faider Winter Weather George P.S. Peterson George P.S. Peterson
21 Da Sang o da Fisher Lad Sea John Nicolson Laurence Graham
22 Löd a Langer Sea Rhoda Bulter George P.S. Peterson
23 Moder Dy Sea Anon. Laurence Graham
24 1881 Disaster Sea Tom Tulloch Tom Tulloch
25 Me Grandmidder Family Sylvia Jamieson Sylvia Jamieson
26 Grannie's Hoose Family Rhoda Bulter Annette Gear
27 Eence apon a Time Family Vagaland Greta Jacobson
28 Picters idda Fire Family Rhoda Bulter Annette Gear
29 Willie Tars da Roof Family Willie Couper Sylvia Jamieson
30 A Week in the Life of a Crofter Crofting Anita Laurenson Laurence Graham
31 Da Almark Crofting Rhoda Bulter Annette Gear
32 Voar Crofting James Stout Angus Greta Jacobson
33 Wirkin ida Paets Crofting Vagaland Greta Jacobson
34 Da Clearance Crofting Eileen Herculeson Sylvia Jamieson

The Kist/A'Chiste: sccc

Resource pack issued to all schools in Scotland in 1996. Contains an anthology of writing in all kinds of Scots including seven Shetland dialect texts, and a few Gaelic texts; two sets of copymasters giving background information on the texts plus suggested activities;  a Teachers’ Handbook (brief info here) and tape recordings of all texts. All contained in brown wood-effect strong cardboard box, (made to fit A4).

Designed to be used with pupils of all abilities in the upper primary and lower secondary school, including pupils working beyond Level E.

There is a wide variety of texts including, for example: The twa corbies, The jeely piece song, Sharleen: Ah'm shy and Crowdieknowe.

The Kist online 2015:

See Education Scotland website here.  Texts are shown complete with suggestions for classroom use. The online texts selected include: Christine De Luca's Brekken Beach, Nort Yell, John Peterson's Shetlan, and John J. Graham's Da Beltane Foy


A Hansel o Stories (2), Hansel Cooperative Press, with stories by Christine De Luca and John Cumming. Some stories in CD tray booklet, others can be downloaded from Hansel.

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