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Gaer Box

Gaer Box classroom resources for P 2-4, now downloadable here. They are also to be found on the 'GLOW' network for schools.

What is the Gaer Box?

Shetland Dialect Gaer Box Shetland Dialect Gaer Box

Every Shetland primary school has a Gaer Box, as does the Shetland Library.

The Dialect Gaer Box (2008, updated 2011) contains Shetland dialect resources for P 2-4 teachers and pupils. This resource followed the successful launch of the Ditty Box (pre-school resource) in 2007. The Gaer Box was funded by the Schools Service and ‘Shetland ForWirds’, and created by Frances Tait (SIC, Dialect Assistant), working together with ‘Shetland ForWirds’ members Laureen Johnson, Iris Sandison, Christian Tait and teacher Jean Ramsay. A series of working meetings was held with other primary teachers, whose input was extremely valuable to the project.

The Gaer Box was originally aimed at P1-3, and updated in 2011, inaccordance with the Curriculum for Excellence. The new material was created by Schools Dialect Co-ordinator Bruce Eunson, working together with the Shetland ForWirds Education Group, and in consultation with teachers.

Most of the content in this pack is new, though some items were included in the 1996 Early Years resource pack. All items in the Gaer Box could be used purely for enjoyment, but all relate to common topics and are carefully matched to modern curriculum requirements, and backed up by supporting Activity Sheets and additional resources.

The material can be used to supplement or replace Standard English material as considered appropriate. The aim is to value the language children bring into school, encourage children to feel at ease using the Shetland dialect if they wish, with confidence, and to encourage them to respect each other’s cultural and linguistic differences.


Activity sheets in the Gaer Box are usually topic-based. Only 6 items have individual activity sheets.


File Name Author Topic  
1Wir Class Rules, OKAnnette Gear & Rena NisbetDownloads
3Tell Me DisIris SandisonDownloads
4Queer OngyaainsEmily MilneDownloads
9Boannie Tammie ScollaTraditionalDownloads
20Nonsense songLaureen JohnsonDownloads
22Da Magic StaneChristian TaitDownloads
29Illustrating wordsAlan SkeaDownloads
30Translate storiesAnne FraserDownloads
31Gaer Box vocabulary and grammarDownloads
31Shetland's varied voicesDownloads
19Bruce da MooseAald DaaAnimalsDownloads
19Clara da CooAald DaaAnimalsDownloads
23Nort WindRhoda BulterAnimalsDownloads
19Eddie da EelAald DaaAnimalsDownloads
24Da Tirrick an da WhaleMark Ryan SmithAnimalsDownloads
18Tammie da TrootAald DaaAnimalsDownloads
19Freddie da FlookAald DaaAnimalsDownloads
19Bruce da MooseAald DaaBirdsDownloads
19Clara da CooAald DaaBirdsDownloads
23Nort WindRhoda BulterBirdsDownloads
19Eddie da EelAald DaaBirdsDownloads
24Da Tirrick an da WhaleMark Ryan SmithBirdsDownloads
18Tammie da TrootAald DaaBirdsDownloads
19Freddie da FlookAald DaaBirdsDownloads
26Robbie RedbreestVagalandBirdsDownloads
26Robbie RedbreestVagalandChristmasDownloads
27Da First ChristmasIris SandisonChristmasDownloads
28Foo Robbie got his Rid BreestMargaret GearChristmasDownloads
15Toon Moose an Country MooseAnne FraserComparative StudyDownloads
2Liza YaalRhoda BulterCroftingDownloads
12Ahint a Blue RoogRhoda BulterCroftingDownloads
13Come Peerie JeemieRhoda BulterCroftingDownloads
14I Hate KaleLaureen JohnsonGrowth and Growing ThingsDownloads
5Da Muckle NeepJean RamsayGrowth and Growing ThingsDownloads
11Annie an da TaatiesCatherine GibbGrowth and Growing ThingsDownloads
14I Hate KaleLaureen JohnsonHealthy EatingDownloads
16Da BonfireLaureen JohnsonHot and ColdDownloads
2Liza YaalRhoda BulterHouses and HomesDownloads
21Da Tree Peerie GriceIris SandisonHouses and HomesDownloads
2Liza YaalRhoda BulterMeDownloads
12Ahint a Blue RoogRhoda BulterMeDownloads
13Come Peerie JeemieRhoda BulterMeDownloads
21Da Tree Peerie GriceIris SandisonMeDownloads
12Ahint a Blue RoogRhoda BulterMinibeastsDownloads
2Liza YaalRhoda BulterNursery RhymesDownloads
12Ahint a Blue RoogRhoda BulterNursery RhymesDownloads
13Come Peerie JeemieRhoda BulterNursery RhymesDownloads
19Bruce da MooseAald DaaPetsDownloads
19Clara da CooAald DaaPetsDownloads
23Nort WindRhoda BulterPetsDownloads
19Eddie da EelAald DaaPetsDownloads
24Da Tirrick an da WhaleMark Ryan SmithPetsDownloads
18Tammie da TrootAald DaaPetsDownloads
23Nort WindRhoda BulterSeaDownloads
19Eddie da EelAald DaaSeaDownloads
24Da Tirrick an da WhaleMark Ryan SmithSeaDownloads
18Tammie da TrootAald DaaSeaDownloads
19Freddie da FlookAald DaaSeaDownloads
5Da Muckle NeepJean RamsaySeaDownloads
11Annie an da TaatiesCatherine GibbSeaDownloads
6ShallsLaureen JohnsonSeaDownloads
7RoppLaureen JohnsonSeaDownloads
8Under da Banks BrooLaureen JohnsonSeaDownloads
10Gyaain tae da Fishin, from ‘Da wirm creeps’Stewart SmithSeaDownloads
19Eddie da EelAald DaaSeashoreDownloads
24Da Tirrick an da WhaleMark Ryan SmithSeashoreDownloads
19Freddie da FlookAald DaaSeashoreDownloads
6ShallsLaureen JohnsonSeashoreDownloads
7RoppLaureen JohnsonSeashoreDownloads
8Under da Banks BrooLaureen JohnsonSeashoreDownloads
10Gyaain tae da Fishin, from ‘Da wirm creeps’Stewart SmithSeashoreDownloads
23Nort WindRhoda BulterSeasonsDownloads
18Tammie da TrootAald DaaSeasonsDownloads
5Da Muckle NeepJean RamsaySeasonsDownloads
11Annie an da TaatiesCatherine GibbSeasonsDownloads
17OobinLaureen JohnsonSoundDownloads
25A Letter fae Uncle BertieChristian TaitTransportDownloads
23Nort WindRhoda BulterWeatherDownloads
5Da Muckle NeepJean RamsayWeatherDownloads
11Annie an da TaatiesCatherine GibbWeatherDownloads

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