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Shetland Library

Shetland Library contains a range of books in or relevant to dialect; their audio CD range includes dialect songs and stories. Shetland Library Publications (see under ‘Library Services’) can be purchased from the Library.

Search the Library Catalogue with an author’s name, a singer’s name, a book or CD title, or a keyword.

Shetland Library offers a dialect writing prize in its annual Young Writer competition in September, and often hosts events featuring dialect.

Check their website for dialect features.

The ‘Shetland Writers’  page ( through 'Reading and Writers') has discussion about Shetland writing and writers, and contains some dialect work, sometimes read by the writers themselves.

Shetland Library has produced several ‘place mats’ for under-4s, featuring dialect rhymes. These are available from the Library.

The 24 Hour Library,  available online through the Shetland Library website, is an extremely useful and interesting facility, which is accessible to everyone with a library card, through the Library homepage. Here you can access - and search - the Oxford English Dictionary, the Encyclopedia Britannica, and a wide range of other resources e.g the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, Brewer's Dictionary of Phrase and Fable, Which? publications, etc.

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