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(for Shetland words only)
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v - normal English usage has some interesting idiomatic forms when combined with adverbs or prepositions: to come at, to befall. Geng du, me boy. Der naethin at'll come at dee; to come to oneself. Laeve him for a bit an he'll shön come at; to touch. Du's no to come at me wi yun haet kettle; to come on, to develop; to come about, to take a new tack in sailing. Staand by boys: I'm jöst gyaan to come aboot; to pacify. Shö wis in a aafil state but we shön cam aboot her; to com awa, to grow, as seed. Yun re-seed is fairly come awa fine; come awa in, invitation to come into a house. Jöst du come awa in trowe; come dee wis, come thy ways, invitation as in come awa in, generally in form Come dee wis in trowe; come o, become of. What'll ever come o yun pör sowl?

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