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(for Shetland words only)
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v - hold, pt höld/held, pp hadden, hadd du on fast an we'll be aaricht; continue in a certain direction. Hadd nort along da banks an du'll come to wir noost; to observe a celebration. Dey wir wint ta hadd Aald Yöl no dat lang fae syne; stop. Hadd dee a meenit til I hae a smok;

n - hold. Gie me a haad o him; a support. He wis still able ta arl alang apo da hadd; animal's lair. Dey cam apon a otter's hadd doon by da loch. Phrases: Hadd aff, keep off. Hadd off o me till I git me braeth. Hadd at, keep at it. Jöst du hadd at an du'll come oot tapster yit. Hadd awa, keep away. Hadd awa oot owre, dog! Common instruction from shepherd to sheepdog. Hadd for, to make for. Da last I saa o da aald almark shö was hadden for da Aest hill. Hadd in, to keep close to. If du hadds in along da banks du'll aisy finn da noost; to be continent. Du'll jöst hae ta hadd in, my bairn, till we win hame. Hadd out, persist. I widna sell dee coo for yun figger; jöst hadd du oot for mair. Hadd oot a langer, to entertain. Da aald man höld da bairns oot a langer aboot da nicht bi tellin dem stories.

v - Hadd sae, pause a moment. We better hadd sae till we see what dis wadder is gyaan to dö. Hadd up, remain fair, as in weather. Tinks du, will dis wadder hadd up for muckle langer?

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