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Wirdcraft event at Bonhoga

On Thursday 13 November a peerie fjaana was held in the cafe at Bonhoga, in celebration of the Wirdcraft exhibition currently on display, which  features the work of local craft-makers  Sue Horne, Angela Irvine, Jo Jack, Kit Mowat, Hannah Nelson, Monica Pothecary, Helen Robertson and Cecil Tait.  All have produced work featuring Shetland dialect in various ways. The project has been run by Shetland Arts, and Shetland ForWirds' Mary Blance and Laureen Johnson have acted as dialect advisors  if any help was needed.

The exhibition cabinet made a lovely backdrop for the music of Alan Mackay and Robert Bennett, poems read by Christian Tait, Chloe Irvine, Laureen Johnson, Cecil Tait and Mary, and short talks by Helen, Angela and Cecil  about their work. 

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