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Whassigo was fun

Inter-County Whassigo at the Library

On Tuesday 14th February, Shetland Library hosted a session of 'Whassigo', a popular word game on Radio Orkney. A team from the Library took on a visiting team from Orkney Library, who were visiting Shetland as part of the 'Librarians on Loan' project funded by the Scottish Islands initiative. The word game, a version of 'Call my Bluff', featured words from the dialects of both island groups, where the Shetlanders had to guess the correct meaning of Orkney words, and vice versa. In defence, the teams had to present three possible meanings of each word, as persuasively as possible! The audience thoroughly enjoyed it all.

An inter-county open mike poetry night took place in the Library on the Wednesday, and was also much enjoyed.

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