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Tinder Box

The Tinder Box was developed as part of the Dialect Development for Young People Project funded by LEADER, Shetland Islands Council, Shetland Amenity Trust, Shetland ForWirds and Shetland Arts.

Use the table below to browse the Tinder Box. You can organise the table by Name, Author or Topic by clicking on the heading.

File Name Author Topic  
22Shadowed Valley, an excerptJohn J GrahamDownloads
29A Collection of GuddicksVariousDownloads
9Da Kittiwake, an excerptJames Stout AngusBird MigrationDownloads
2Aald Faider WinterG.P.S PetersonBird MigrationDownloads
25Yule texts 1 - Whin Christmas wis ChristmasIris SandisonChristianityDownloads
26Yule texts 2 - Yöl TradeetionsChristianityDownloads
27Yule texts 3 - Yöl DecorationsChristianityDownloads
28Yule texts 4 - Christmas TraditionsAnnie GeorgesonChristianityDownloads
2Aald Faider WinterG.P.S PetersonChristianityDownloads
25Yule texts 1 - Whin Christmas wis ChristmasIris SandisonChristmasDownloads
26Yule texts 2 - Yöl TradeetionsChristmasDownloads
27Yule texts 3 - Yöl DecorationsChristmasDownloads
28Yule texts 4 - Christmas TraditionsAnnie GeorgesonChristmasDownloads
2Aald Faider WinterG.P.S PetersonChristmasDownloads
13First SnowJack RenwickChristmasDownloads
20NorderlyChristie WilliamsonClothesDownloads
10Da ShowVagalandCompetitionsDownloads
12050: A Shetland OdysseyLuke JohnsonFishingDownloads
12Eence Upon A TimeVagalandFolkloreDownloads
17Kirsty and da Snarravoe NjuggleBruce EunsonFolkloreDownloads
11Delting MarmaladeAgnes K TaitFood/CookingDownloads
8Da International PressRhoda BulterFood/CookingDownloads
23VoarRhoda BulterFood/CookingDownloads
12050: A Shetland OdysseyLuke JohnsonFood/CookingDownloads
10Da ShowVagalandFood/CookingDownloads
12050: A Shetland OdysseyLuke JohnsonGlobal WarmingDownloads
21Rainy DayJ B EunsonGlobal WarmingDownloads
18LazarusJohn CummingHeroesDownloads
15GrannyJennifer TealeHeroesDownloads
13First SnowJack RenwickLightDownloads
14GaaLaureen JohnsonLightDownloads
11Delting MarmaladeAgnes K TaitLocal CultureDownloads
12Eence Upon A TimeVagalandLocal CultureDownloads
3Andrew’s SangAlex ClunessLocal CultureDownloads
15GrannyJennifer TealeLocal CultureDownloads
17Kirsty and da Snarravoe NjuggleBruce EunsonLocal CultureDownloads
5Da ClearanceRhoda BulterLocal CultureDownloads
12050: A Shetland OdysseyLuke JohnsonLocal CultureDownloads
10Da ShowVagalandLocal CultureDownloads
6Da ExileRhoda BulterLocal CultureDownloads
21Rainy DayJ B EunsonLocal CultureDownloads
5Da ClearanceRhoda BulterMoneyDownloads
8Da International PressRhoda BulterMoneyDownloads
18LazarusJohn CummingPeople and RelationshipsDownloads
15GrannyJennifer TealePeople and RelationshipsDownloads
17Kirsty and da Snarravoe NjuggleBruce EunsonPeople and RelationshipsDownloads
4Bide A Start Wi MeRhoda BulterPeople and RelationshipsDownloads
25Yule texts 1 - Whin Christmas wis ChristmasIris SandisonPeople, Past Events and SocietiesDownloads
26Yule texts 2 - Yöl TradeetionsPeople, Past Events and SocietiesDownloads
27Yule texts 3 - Yöl DecorationsPeople, Past Events and SocietiesDownloads
28Yule texts 4 - Christmas TraditionsAnnie GeorgesonPeople, Past Events and SocietiesDownloads
2Aald Faider WinterG.P.S PetersonPeople, Past Events and SocietiesDownloads
11Delting MarmaladeAgnes K TaitPeople, Past Events and SocietiesDownloads
12Eence Upon A TimeVagalandPeople, Past Events and SocietiesDownloads
3Andrew’s SangAlex ClunessPeople, Past Events and SocietiesDownloads
15GrannyJennifer TealePeople, Past Events and SocietiesDownloads
17Kirsty and da Snarravoe NjuggleBruce EunsonPeople, Past Events and SocietiesDownloads
4Bide A Start Wi MeRhoda BulterPeople, Past Events and SocietiesDownloads
5Da ClearanceRhoda BulterPeople, Past Events and SocietiesDownloads
16HjaltaVagalandPeople, Past Events and SocietiesDownloads
7Da Hairst ReeRhoda BulterPeople, Past Events and SocietiesDownloads
10Da ShowVagalandPeople, Past Events and SocietiesDownloads
6Da ExileRhoda BulterPeople, Past Events and SocietiesDownloads
21Rainy DayJ B EunsonPeople, Past Events and SocietiesDownloads
14GaaLaureen JohnsonPeople, Past Events and SocietiesDownloads
5Da ClearanceRhoda BulterPlanet EarthDownloads
8Da International PressRhoda BulterPlanet EarthDownloads
16HjaltaVagalandPlanet EarthDownloads
24WinterStewart SmithPlanet EarthDownloads
21Rainy DayJ B EunsonPlanet EarthDownloads
14GaaLaureen JohnsonPlanet EarthDownloads
16HjaltaVagalandPlants and FlowersDownloads
2Aald Faider WinterG.P.S PetersonSeasonsDownloads
24WinterStewart SmithSeasonsDownloads
23VoarRhoda BulterSeasonsDownloads
7Da Hairst ReeRhoda BulterSeasonsDownloads
4Bide A Start Wi MeRhoda BulterShetland dancing and fiddle musicDownloads
13First SnowJack RenwickShetland’s EnvironmentDownloads
16HjaltaVagalandShetland’s EnvironmentDownloads
24WinterStewart SmithShetland’s EnvironmentDownloads
23VoarRhoda BulterShetland’s EnvironmentDownloads
7Da Hairst ReeRhoda BulterShetland’s EnvironmentDownloads
12050: A Shetland OdysseyLuke JohnsonShetland’s EnvironmentDownloads
10Da ShowVagalandShetland’s EnvironmentDownloads
6Da ExileRhoda BulterShetland’s EnvironmentDownloads
21Rainy DayJ B EunsonShetland’s EnvironmentDownloads
13First SnowJack RenwickSpaceDownloads
18LazarusJohn CummingSport (cycling)Downloads
11Delting MarmaladeAgnes K TaitThe SeaDownloads
12050: A Shetland OdysseyLuke JohnsonThe SeaDownloads
3Andrew’s SangAlex ClunessTourism and EmigrationDownloads
18LazarusJohn CummingTransportDownloads
19March-past at ArromanchesLaureen JohnsonWW2Downloads
13First SnowJack RenwickWeatherDownloads
23VoarRhoda BulterWeatherDownloads
7Da Hairst ReeRhoda BulterWeatherDownloads
21Rainy DayJ B EunsonWeatherDownloads
20NorderlyChristie WilliamsonWeatherDownloads
14GaaLaureen JohnsonWeatherDownloads
7Da Hairst ReeRhoda BulterWindDownloads
20NorderlyChristie WilliamsonWindDownloads
17Kirsty and da Snarravoe NjuggleBruce EunsoniPhones and TechnologyDownloads
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