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The Study of Norn (2009)

A lecture paper by Professor Michael Barnes

The Study of Norn is a paper given by Professor Michael Barnes at the 2009 conference, in Orkney, of the Forum for Research into the Languages of Scotland and Ulster.

Michael Barnes (b.1940) is Professor Emeritus in the Dept. of Scandinavian Studies, University College London, where he taught until 2005. He studied in London, also Norway, Sweden and the Faroes. He was for many years editor of Saga-Book, the journal of the Viking society for Northern Research. His published work on Scandinavian language topics includes The Runic Inscriptions of Maeshowe, Orkney (1994), Faroese Language Studies (2001) and, together with Professor R.I. Page, The Scandinavian Runic Inscriptions of Britain (2006). He is currently writing a general introduction to runes and runic inscriptions.

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