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SFW concert line-up

The 2014 Shetland ForWirds concert ida Garrison Theatre on Tuesday May 13 will as usual feature several prize-winning performances. The Burravoe Primary schoolbairns will be singing the song which won the SFW dialect song award at the Shetland Schools Music Festival; Sophie Moar, the 2014 Young Fiddler of the Year, will be playing for us, and Bigton's Brenna Players will be repeating Da Dating Agency, the comedy which not only won the Shetland section of the Drama Festival, but scooped the overall award for best play.

An firbye... dey'll be poetry, songs fae Elena Piras, music an song fae Vair, a short film fae da Shetland Moving Image project, an a new sketch fae da ever-popular Tamar an Beenie. Ewen Balfour will be keepin oarder among dem.  Hit looks laek bein a right good night.

Tickets on sale fae da Box Office, £7, an £5 concessions. 

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