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Read da book - see da show!

'Bobby an da Burland Pearls' is Valerie Watt's new book. It is also an exciting new musical for bairns, adapted by Izzy Swanson, with music by Philip Taylor.


On sale now is Valerie Watt's third book for bairns, Bobby  an da Burland Pearls, illustrated by Mary Fraser and published by The Shetland Times. It is set on the Isbister croft at Burland, Trondra, where magical things  happen sometimes - especially if you hae da magic pearls wi you.

The book has already been adapted by Izzy Swanson into an exciting musical for nursery pupils and P1 and 2, with music by Philip Taylor. It will be performed for schools in the week of the 28th of June, and for the public on Saturday 3rd July. Don't miss it!

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