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Northmavine poetry night success

First ever 'fjaana' for primary bairns

On Tuesday 1 May Shetland ForWirds held a 'fjaana' in North Roe, where bairns from all 3 Northmavine schools recited Shetland poems to a sizeable and very appreciative audience. They performed a wide range of poetry, from traditional verses like Row da Boats o Mailie to modern pieces like Wir Class rules, OK! and I hate Kale - and one poem, Da Martian, was performed by the boy who wrote it. Some bairns appeared in costume.  Some recited in pairs or groups. They all went down well with the audience, and nobody appeared to be very nervous! 

To complete the programme, Ryan Couper and Adam Johnson provided good music, Lawrence Tulloch told a gripping yarn from Unst, and Maree Hay, Ivor Tulloch and Eileen Brooke-Freeman read favourite poems. Maree was delighted to hear a poem of her own being recited onstage: A day at da sheep, which Maree wrote while at primary school.

Shetland ForWirds is very grateful to the bairns and teachers who worked so hard to make the event a success, to all the 'support acts' and to the North Roe hall for their hospitality.

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