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Njuggle to tour Shetland

New production for upper primary

Kirsty an da Snarravoe Njuggle Kirsty an da Snarravoe Njuggle KIRSTY & DA SNARRAVOE NJUGGLE, a new production for upper primary bairns, will tour Shetland's primary schools at the end of August.  It tells the story of 10 year old Kirsty who is sent to stay with her Granny in old-fashioned, rural Shetland. A modern girl with modern interests, she is quickly bored. Disgruntled, she goes for a walk, and meets what she thinks is a friendly pony. It is no pony though… it is actually the Snarravoe Njuggle!

Hannah Uttley  plays the role of Kirsty. She is supported by original film sequences, shot on location, and live shadow puppetry. The story is told in Shetland dialect and its purpose is to introduce and dramatise some interesting and entertaining stories from Shetland folklore. The experience will be as scary and full of suspense as it is traditional and full of Shetland culture!

There will be 21 performances in schools, and also two public performances at Wordplay in Islesburgh, Saturday and Sunday 3 and 4 September. Dunna miss dis!


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