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n - a fall, the act of falling; the intestines of a slaughtered animal. Gie du me da faa o da yowe an I'll clean da puddeens doon ida burn.

v - to fall, used idiomatically in various forms: faa aff (v) to doze. Hadd dee a meenit till da bairn faas aff. faa afore, to occur. Hit faas afore me at du's bön at wiroos afore; faa apon 1) come across. Hit's hard to say whaar du'll faa apon yun trooker; 2) become sour or decayed, as food. Yon piltocks is faan apon. faa awa, to abate, as the wind. Da wind wis faan awa a braa bit afore we left; faa by, collapse, fail to continue. I can tell dee at he'll faa by afore da nicht is oot wi da wye he's clunkin dem doon; faa in wi, meet up with; faa owre, to drop into a sleep. If du nugs da cradle for a peerie start da bairn 'll shön faa owre; to be duty bound. Du faas to fill in yun form afore du gits dee pension; to befall, used generally as an expression of blessing. Göd faa dee!; At da faain fit, at da faain fit, well advanced in pregnancy. Sees du her oot dellin tatties an her at da faain fit. faa tö, commence labour in childbirth. Lass, geng for Aald Betty; Baabie is faan tö faa, become. Bairns, I tink I'm gyaan to faa a föl

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