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(for Shetland words only)
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n - skilful manner of working; technique. Hit's no taen him lang to git da richt cast o it; manner. Shö has da very cast o her midder.

v - to dig peats (pt cöst, pp cassen). Phrases: to cast aff, to eliminate stitches in knitting. Du'll hae to cast aff twartree mair loops afore du starts da neist geng; to take off, as clothes. Cast aff dee weet clues, boy. to cast by; to discard. Hit's time at du cöst by yun auld breeks; to cast on, to add extra stitches in knitting. Whin du wins up by tae da oxter du'll hae to cast on twartree mair loops; to cast out; to quarrel. Dey wir for ever castin oot owre something; to reject. I widna cast oot wi a piece o reestit mutton; to cast up, to taunt by raking up the past. Tak du my wird, dey'll cast yun up til her tae her deein day; cassen awa, lost, generally at sea. Shö's never bön da sam fae her man wis cassen awa.

v - to reject from flock, as in sheep. I doot I'll hae to cast yun aald moorit yowe dis hairst.

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