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(for Shetland words only)
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n - act of taking a bait, as a fish. Der no muckle tak apon her da nicht.

v - to take; to assume. I tak du'll be gyaan alang da shop on dee wye hame. Phrases: ta tak aboot, to secure crops against bad weather. We'll hae to tak aboot da skroos afore dis wind comes; to wrap up against the weather. Tak weel aboot dee, joy, afore du gengs furt; ta tak aff, to take aback. Wisna I da taen aff whin shö laandit in dastreen an wis ready ta geng oot; to abate, as weather. Haddee a meenit till dis shooer taks aff an du'll win hame dry; ta tak at, to go ahead. So, tak at dee, boy, an we'll shön win hame; ta tak efter, to resemble. He taks yun temper efter his faider; ta tak ill wi, to take badly with. Shö'll tak ill wi da toon efter aa da freedom shö's hed here; ta tak in, to welcome the New Year in. Wir aye taen in da New Year wi wir fock; ta tak in for, to speak in support of. Du wis aye ean at took in for Lowrie; to tak on, ta take the consequences. So, tak du on. Du's wrocht weel for it; to lament. What shö took on whin her man wis lost!, to celebrate. Dey wir gaffin an skirlin an takkin on; to pay attention. For aa at I gae him a broad hint he never took me on; to work very hard. What dat body is strivven an taen on wi da croft fae her man deed; ta tak til, of the eyes, to cry. Whin his midder quarrelled him he took til his een ;

adj - ta tak up, to look after. Shö took up da bairns efter der midder deed; to collide with. He fell an his head took up da daek; taen til , noted, but very often ridiculed, notorious. He was taen til for his queer wyes; ta tak up ita, to increase, as the wind. He's takkin up ita da wind; ta tak up itil, to show interest. I broached da fishin but he never took up itil it; ta tak weel wi, to be friendly with. Da fock took aafil weel wi da new minister.

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