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(for Shetland words only)
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v - to plant potatoes. Phrases: set at, to sit and relax. Bairns, noo at wir feenished yun at last, I tink we'll jöst set wis at; set doon, to seat oneself. I wiss du wid come in an set dee doon for a meenit; set in, to seat oneself. Boy, come dee wis, an set dee in ta da table; set on, to keep a young animal over winter with a view to adding it to flock. I doot du's set on mair lambs as du can cerry; to work hard. What dat man is wrocht an set on fae he cam to Dale; set owre, to ferry across. I aften set him owre da soond on his rodd ta Lerook; set up, to improve one's position. So dan, tak da money an clear oot. I'm shör hit'll no set dee up; to develop, as a shower of rain. He's settin up a shooer ida nor-wast; to incite, to encourage. I ken at some-ean is set dee up ta come an annoy me.

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