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(for Shetland words only)
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v - to make, pt made; to estimate. I mak him ta be twa year aalder as dee; of a wave, to build up. Dan a muckle sea made astern, but as Robbie gae her da sheet shö took her aff laek a white maa. Phrases: ta mak a better o, to improve a situation. I doot we'll hae ta cerry on: we canna mak a better o it; ta mak maen - to moan; ta mak o, to make much of. Da peerie boy was fairly made o doon yunder wi da graand-midder and aunts; ta mak on, to pretend. Jöst du never leet but mak on at du laeks him; ta mak owre, to go towards. I tink I'll jöst mak awa owre for home afore he darkens; ta mak til, to go forwards. Whaar tinks du is du makkin til?; ta mak up, to arrange. Da pair o dem was makkin up to geng to Lerook ta git der weddin gear; ta mak, to produce (in weather terms). He's makkin a göd sook; ta mak wye, to break, to come apart. Yon lodd'll mak wye wi dee if du dösna look oot.

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