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n - mood. Hit's no aft you see him in siccan a göd lay. Phrases: ta lay aboot, to turn a boat around at sea. Whin da jib-sheets kerried awa we jöst laid her aboot an made for hame; to lay aff, to talk volubly. Shö laid off for a göd ten rneenits ithoot draain braeth; to remove clothes. Boy, I wiss du wid lay off yun weet claes; to cull, as hens or sheep. Noo at shö's whet layin I'll hae ta lay aff yon aald hen; ta lay afore, to come to mind. Hit lies afore me at du's bön i wiroos afore; ta lay at, to work energetically. He wis fairly layin at da casteen wi da swaet hailin off o'm; to come down heavily, as rain. Da rain's bön layin at aa nicht; ta lay awa, of a hen, to lay eggs in bushes, gardens, etc., rather than in proper nest. Fae some o wir hens started layin awa wir no hed anyoch eggs even for wir ain ös; ta lay by, to make unfit. Wi yon quantity o drink, nae winder he was laid by; ta lay doon, to convert arable into grass-land. Hit's a braa start noo fae he laid aa his laand doon ta sheep; to fall, as snow or rain. He's laid doon a lok o snaa fae last nicht; to stop speaking about. Shö never laid it doon till him du kens, yun nicht he got da waar o twartree drams; ta lay fae, to hit out all round. So boy, lay fae dee, an micht da best man win; ta lay in, to stock up. We wir blyde we'd laid in a lok o mell afore da snaa laid on; ta lay in your oars, to stop, to give up. Na, bairns, I'll hae to lay in me oars I canna aet anidder bite; ta lay athin, to eat up. Hurry up, boy, an lay yun maet ithin dee; to lay on, to fall heavily, as snow. Whin I cam in eenoo, da snaa was fairly layin on; ta lay oot for, to abuse. What dat wife lays oot for da ting o boy; ta lay tö, to close. I wiss du wid lay tö da door wi da cowld nicht; ta lay warnins on, to warn. I'm laid warnins on him at he's ta tie up yun wirryin dog; ta lay up, to put the first stitches on a knitting-wire. I'm seen her layin up twa pairs o glivs in ee day; to ask a series of guddicks or riddles. I'm seen wis spendin da maist o a winter's nicht layin up guddicks; ta be laid up, to be incapacitated. I'm bön laid up wi da 'flu for tree days.

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