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Introducin Dratsi

New cartoon character and mascot is launched

Dratsi Dratsi Shetland ForWirds' new cartoon character and mascot was launched at our sell-out concert in the Garrison Theatre on Tuesday 14 May.  Called Dratsi, the character takes his name from the dialect word for an otter, originally one of the tabu words used at sea.

The six foot mascot is based on original drawings by  Peter Shaw.  Dratsi made his appearance on stage whilst Davy Cooper was telling the well-known story of Robbie Glen and the Otter and the audience seemed to appreciate the antics of the surprise guest.

Peter was unable to be at the Garrison to see his character live on stage - he's about to graduate in animation from Edinburgh College of Art and is busy with a film for his final degree show - but will meet him in person when back in Shetland next month.

Dratsi now features on the website next to the Saying of the Week and on the Guddicks page, and will soon appear on new products.  He'll also start popping up at events throughout the isles to help promote our work and to encourage folk to keep speaking the dialect.

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