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Guddicks: Collection 3


Braes foo an banks foo,

If du gaddered aa day

Du widna get a hand foo . . .

Whit's da answer?
Mist or fog


Peerie bull we ee horn

Aets mair dan a hale screw o corn . . . . 

Whit's da answer?
A teapot


Whit stands afore da bed gaping for your banes?

Whit's da answer?
Your smucks (or slippers)


In Amsterdam it’s common,

Bit niver in Holland.

It’s no in aa da world

An yit its in a windmill . . . .

Whit's da answer?
Da letter M


Tink, tank, anunder a bank,

Ten aboot fower . . . 

Whit's da answer?
Milking a cow


I gaed awa abune da eart

an cam hame agen anunder da eart . . . .

Whit's da answer?
A person going away with an empty kishie and returning with it full of peats or mould.


Whit taers een anidder sindry aa day

An lies in een anidders airms at night?

Whit's da answer?
Wool Cairds


Black apo da outside,

Rid ida middle.

An if du’s caald

Du’ll shörely guess me riddle . . . .

Whit's da answer?
The fire


Whit does a lass aye look for bit niver wisses ta see?

Whit's da answer?
A hole in her sock


A peerie haa hoose,

Aa fu a maet,

Wi nedder door nor window

Ta let you in tae aet . . . .

Whit's da answer?
An egg
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