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Flans Frae Da Haaf By Laurence Graham

Flans Frae Da Haaf - Laurence Graham. The dangers of the sea, and the feelings of those who wait for loved ones to return.

Read By Laurence Graham

Flans Frae Da Haaf Flans Frae Da Haaf The title means ‘gusts of wind from the deep sea’.  Fitful Head is a well-known headland and landmark at the southern tip of the Shetland mainland.

 Da wind flans in frae Fitful Head
Whaar dayset in a glöd
Hings ower da far haaf's wastern rim
Reeb’d red as yatlin blöd.

An flannin in fae dat black ert,
Borne in on flans o faer
Come cauld black tochts at numb da hert
An slokk da emmers dere. 

Oh Loard abön, hadd Dy grit haand
Afore da daylycht dees,
Ower aa at ploo dir lonlie furr
Trowe dy wind-skordet seas.

O Loard, I pray, look kindly doon
An hadd Dy haand ower aa,
Till my lang-santet hert wins back
Whaar winds sall never blaa.

Whaar winds sall never blaa nae mair
Nor skies nae langer lour,
Whaar dayset laek some hamely haand
Smoors aa life’s emmers ower.

Da wind flans in frae Fitful Head
Wast ower fae blatterin seas,  
Bit never da lang, lang lippen’d sail 
Whaar lycht an lippnin dees.

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