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Ditty Box

Ditty Box resources for Early Years, now downloadable here. These materials also appear on the 'Glow' network for schools.

Shetland Dialect Ditty Box Shetland Dialect Ditty Box The Dialect Ditty Box (2007) contains Shetland dialect resources for Early Years children. Following on from research carried out in 2005 and 2006, this resource pack was originally produced to help meet the demand for dialect material for under-fives. It was funded by the Schools Service and ‘Shetland ForWirds’. The pack was created by ‘Shetland ForWirds’ members Christian Tait, Laureen Johnson and Iris Sandison working together with Frances Tait, SIC Creative Links Graduate, and Noelle Henderson, Creative Links Officer. A series of workshops was held with primary teachers and pre-school staff, whose input was most valuable to the project.

Most of the content in this pack is new, though some items were included in the 1996 Early Years resource pack. All items in the  Box could be used purely for enjoyment, but all relate to common topics and are carefully matched to modern curriculum requirements, and backed up by supporting Activity Sheets and additional resources.

The material can be used to supplement or replace Standard English material as considered appropriate. The aim is to value the language children bring into nursery, playgroup and school, encourage children to feel at ease using the Shetland dialect if they wish, with confidence, and to encourage them to respect each other’s cultural and linguistic differences.

The Ditty Box was praised by HMIe as an example of good practice. Ditty Boxes are in all Shetland's nursery schools and larger playgroups, and in Shetland Library.


File Name Author Topic  
21WadderFrances TaitWeatherDownloads
4Jeemie Tammie SpeederCatherine GibbWeatherDownloads
16Shadows 1 & 2Laureen JohnsonWeatherDownloads
14Samís Guttery DayIris SandisonWeatherDownloads
12Robbie RedbreestVagalandWeatherDownloads
13Row da Boats o MaelieTraditionalTransportDownloads
6LostLaureen JohnsonToysDownloads
12Robbie RedbreestVagalandSeasonsDownloads
10Peter PatterTraditionalSeashoreDownloads
10Peter PatterTraditionalSeaDownloads
12Robbie RedbreestVagalandSeaDownloads
9Peerie CatRhoda BulterPetsDownloads
15Samís PalIris SandisonPetsDownloads
11Da Rabbit's LullabyVagalandPetsDownloads
2Tree CrawsTraditionalNumberDownloads
2Number lineFrances TaitNumberDownloads
3HairChristian TaitMyselfDownloads
14Samís Guttery DayIris SandisonMyselfDownloads
19EmotionsFrances TaitMy FeelingsDownloads
11Da Rabbit's LullabyVagalandMy FeelingsDownloads
19Wir DugKathleen WilliamsonMy FeelingsDownloads
3HairChristian TaitMy FamilyDownloads
6LostLaureen JohnsonMy FamilyDownloads
22bodyFrances TaitMy BodyDownloads
2FingersTraditionalMy BodyDownloads
4Jeemie Tammie SpeederCatherine GibbMinibeastsDownloads
1Creepie CraaliesCatherine Gibb & Julie AndersonMinibeastsDownloads
19EmotionsFrances TaitMe and my FeelingsDownloads
11Da Rabbit's LullabyVagalandMe and my FeelingsDownloads
19Wir DugKathleen WilliamsonMe and my FeelingsDownloads
19EmotionsFrances TaitMeDownloads
17Shiggly ShairLaureen JohnsonMeDownloads
6LostLaureen JohnsonMeDownloads
20Wirsit DrawersCatherine GibbMeDownloads
11Da Rabbit's LullabyVagalandMeDownloads
19Wir DugKathleen WilliamsonMeDownloads
18Squeak SqueakHeyddir JohnsonMeDownloads
17Shiggly ShairLaureen JohnsonHouses and HomesDownloads
18Squeak SqueakHeyddir JohnsonHouses and HomesDownloads
6LostLaureen JohnsonFavouritesDownloads
14Samís Guttery DayIris SandisonFavouritesDownloads
19Wir DugKathleen WilliamsonFarmingDownloads
18Squeak SqueakHeyddir JohnsonFarmingDownloads
5Keetie BairdyTraditionalFarmingDownloads
7Mary O BurlandJean RamsayFarmingDownloads
16Shadows 1 & 2Laureen JohnsonDark/LightDownloads
19Wir DugKathleen WilliamsonCroftingDownloads
18Squeak SqueakHeyddir JohnsonCroftingDownloads
5Keetie BairdyTraditionalCroftingDownloads
7Mary O BurlandJean RamsayCroftingDownloads
8Noo dan Moorit YoweKathleen WilliamsonCroftingDownloads
20Wirsit DrawersCatherine GibbClothesDownloads
14Samís Guttery DayIris SandisonClothesDownloads
8Noo dan Moorit YoweKathleen WilliamsonClothesDownloads
13Row da Boats o MaelieTraditionalBoatsDownloads
12Robbie RedbreestVagalandBirdsDownloads
9Peerie CatRhoda BulterAnimalsDownloads
15Samís PalIris SandisonAnimalsDownloads
11Da Rabbit's LullabyVagalandAnimalsDownloads
19Wir DugKathleen WilliamsonAnimalsDownloads
18Squeak SqueakHeyddir JohnsonAnimalsDownloads
5Keetie BairdyTraditionalAnimalsDownloads
7Mary O BurlandJean RamsayAnimalsDownloads
8Noo dan Moorit YoweKathleen WilliamsonAnimalsDownloads
23Ditty Box vocabulary and grammarDownloads
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