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Da Hegri By Christian Tait

Christian Tait's word-picture of a heron

Hegri, du staands laek a ston ida shoormal.
Patience and stillness is dy wye o life.
Head boo’ed,
Du’s nae mair as a siller-grey fence post,
Dy shaep
Whittled oot bi da wadder’s sharp knife.

Control is dy camouflage,
Willpooer dy weapon.
Du’ll wait for as lang as it taks ida ebb
Till some peerie sea-troot
Or innocent sillock
Sweems inta da shadow o dy faersome neb.

Wi spleet-second timin
Du stricks an du glaeps him.
Pör peerie objick,
Whit chance did he hae?
His life
’ll gie strent for a start ta da hunter
Bit dey’ll come ta da sam
At da end o da day.

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