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Craigsaet CD reprint

'Craigsaet': rhymes , sangs an stories for peerie bairns.

The popular CD Craigsaet sold very well at Christmas 2009 and has been reprinted. It contains a collection of rhymes and songs old and new, together with two stories, and is aimed at peerie bairns - but appeals to a wider age range! Standards such as Boannie Tammie Scolla and Rhoda Bulter's Peerie Cat are found alongside new material about such things as diggers and ferries and the Cunningsburgh Show, the trow song Mair aboot Tirval, and the amazing sounds of the Wiggly wirm sang!

Featuring Freda Leask and Brian Nicholson, with Melvyn Leask, Ewen Balfour, Jean Ramsay, Iris Sandison, Christian Tait, Laureen Johnson, George P.S. Peterson, and school pupils Hakki Spence, Vaila and Janie Walterson, Helen and Freya Balfour, Eilidh Mouat, Gary Fullerton, Liam Peterson and Joe Hunter. Craigsaet is available from High Level Music, Clive's Record Shop, RW Bayes and Shetland Museum shop (and online shop), price still £9.

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