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Bairns' dialect concert at Folk Festival

Shetland ForWirds organised a peerie daytime dialect concert as part of the Folk Festival on Saturday 3 May.  Aimed at younger bairns, it attracted a good audience of bairns, parents and grandparents.  Shetland ForWirds' mascot, Dratsi, was on  hand to make the audience welcome, and made a  lot of new friends in the process!

Eileen Brooke-Freeman acted as compere and introduced the three guests. Valerie Watt entertained with the Peerie Mootie story, complete with images on screen, fiddle music, plenty of props, and opportunities for bairns to join in the action.  Davy Cooper told a remarkable story about a red-haired fiddle, while Brian Nicholson sang fun songs  and encouraged the audience of all ages to sing too. 

Shetland ForWirds would very much like to thank Valerie, Brian and Davy for putting on a great show for us all.

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